Protest filed by Paola Hibs for their match against Valletta on 10.10.2015

Protest filed by Paola Hibs for their match against Valletta on 10.10.2015

Since Paola Hibs have filed a protest in connection with their U15 match against Valletta, which ended in a 1 – 1, the resulting decider (since both teams finished with the same points in Group G) is postponed / cancelled pending the decision of the YFA Prostest Board, which will convene at the earliest possible.

The updated fixtures can be found here:

  • Ruth Zarb
    Posted at 11:16h, 14 October

    Fil- waqt li naccetta d-decizjoni tal- yfa nixtieq naqsam dan il-hsieb. Hadmu hafna ghar-rizultat li kisbu ma nahsibx li ghandhom jehlu t-tfal ghal-zbal li ma kienx tort taghhom nahseb li jekk terga tintlaghab il-loghob tkun gusta ghal kulhadd.. Grazzi

  • Chrisabelle
    Posted at 18:50h, 20 October

    I need to tell you something pls ! I am not going to blame anyone but I am writing you my opinion or the same others opinions. Many people was watching Hibs vs Valletta you know they did their best and the results came 1-1. And you know that hibs did their protest against valletta but it’s not fair on the team of valletta. They tried to do their best it’s was the last two minutes when they brought the goal so please do not punish valletta because it’s fair to see another nice game ! Thanks I think you have to give other chance to the both teams .

  • Daniel Tonna
    Posted at 10:24h, 23 October

    Jien kont prezenti al- loghba u nahseb li iz-zewg timijiet kienu tajbin. L-loghba tal futbol tintlab fil- ground u mhux fuq il- mejda. NIspera li l – loghba terga tintlab u l -aqwa tim jirbah. Grazzi.