Blood Donation Mobile Unit at Ta’ Qali

Blood Donation Mobile Unit at Ta’ Qali

Have you ever needed a blood transfusion? Do you know any relatives or close friends who required a blood transfusion? Maybe not, but you can help save a life with your blood!

As part of the MFA Social Responsibility program, we are looking into the possibility of procuring the Blood Mobile Unit at Ta’ Qali to provide the opportunity of donating blood to MFA staff and the football family.

In order to be able to get the Mobile Unit to the Stadium, we need to reach a minimum number of 25 people interested in donating blood.

Who is eligible?

  • Be at least 52kg in weight
  • Age group from 18 – under 63 years, however persons aged from 63 to 67 are allowed to donate only if they were registered donors before they turned 63
  • Persons from 17-18 years may donate, provided they have a consent form signed by either of the parents or guardian.

Please see the attached leaflets for further information.

Those interested in donating are to register their interest by email to by Friday 15th July and state available dates from the following tentative dates: 18th,19th,24th and 25th August 2016. Further information will be given to the applicants.

Help save a life by donating blood to those in need, we look forward to hearing from you!

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